Blossom Russo’s Corn Cob Blues

January 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

I had a dentist appointment today and ran into Blossom Russo in the waiting room.  I greeted her warmly but she seemed cold and distant.  I asked her what was wrong but she seemed reluctant to tell me.  After some of my world famous charm Blossom began to spill the beans.  Apparently she had a scare in the bathroom the night before.  Beyond all comprehension, Blossom pooped out a corn cob which she said looked like it had been dipped in brownie batter.  The most perplexing aspect of this was that it had been over a year since Blossom had eaten corn.  I told her she was in the wrong waiting room and asked the receptionist if she could give Blosson the number of a good doody doctor.


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