My New Friend Carl Winslow

December 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just got back from lunch with Carl Winslow. First of all, that guy is a fucking pig. He ordered a chicken salad and put ketchup (!) on it. Other customers were looking at us in disgust. That’s not to say that the two hours I spent with him were completely wasted. For example, my memory bank reserved a place for remembering that Carl’s favorite movie is Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach. What lack of taste. Part 5 didn’t even have Guttenberg in it. After lunch Carl asked me if I wanted to go out dancing with him on Friday. I said sure but that I didn’t know what to wear to a dance club. Carl told me he always dances in his police uniform and that he usually wears a pair of white gloves. Looks like I have to go to a costume shop.


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