Wendy Torrance Opens Up About Her Second Marriage

December 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello all!  This is the first publication of a series of “Where Are They Now?” interviews I have conducted.  First up:  Wendy Torrance…

Jon Bryce:  Hello Wendy.  I am so pleased that you agreed to an interview.

Wendy Torrance:  Thank you for asking me.  It’s been a long time since anyone has taken any interest in me.

JB:  I find that hard to believe.  You’re a true example of the great spirit that drives all Americans to success.

WT:  Well, I know that.  And you know that.  But sometimes I think others forget.

JB:  So what have you been doing since you left the Overlook Hotel?

WT:  Well, first Danny and I went back to Boulder, CO.  It was difficult at first because we really had to start over again, which meant that I had to get a job.  I had never had a job before and wasn’t sure if I’d take a liking to it.  I sent out dozens of job applications to supermarkets, restaurants, and gas stations.  I even sent one to the Overlook Hotel but I never received a call back.  I had many interviews and didn’t have much luck at first.  But then on a whim I applied for a job as a businessman’s secretary.  And what do you know?  I was hired on the spot!

JB:  That must have made you feel really good about yourself.

WT:  It sure did Jon!  Honestly, I wasn’t qualified for the position but for some reason my boss, Mr. Whiteman took a liking to me right away.  But it wasn’t easy at first.  I’ll admit for the first month I had no idea what I was doing!  The job required the ability to type, be able to use a Rolodex, and have great communication skills.  But I was inept at all three and by the second week Mr. Whiteman began to notice.

JB:  Was he unhappy with your performance?

WT:  Yes…he said I was doing a terrible job.  But he offered me a solution.  He told me that as long as I perform oral sex on him on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays that he would forget about my inability to perform basic tasks.

JB:  Did you accept his offer?

WT:  Yes, I did.  And like typing, it wasn’t easy at first.  Mr. Whiteman didn’t think I put enough effort into giving blow jobs.  He said I was too passive and because of this it was difficult for him to have an orgasm.  So he got rough with me.  It got to the point where he would shove his penis down my throat as hard as he could.  Sometimes he would even plug my nose and slap me in the face while he was doing it.  But all in all it worked out because now I have no gag reflex and I’m a much better performer of oral sex than I am a typist.

JB:  Do you still work for Mr. Whiteman?

WT:  No.  After about three months I realized that he had never paid me.  So one Friday I asked him if I was going to be paid this week.  He told me that he would pay me when he was good and ready and that I should stop being so nosy.  I agreed with him and continued working for him without pay until he died in 1985.

JB:  What did you do after this?

WT:  It was around this time that I began dating a charming man named Bo Dakota.

JB:  That’s nice.  What did he do for a living?

WT:  He lived off of disability payments.  Can you believe it?  I mean I finally met a man who was successful at what he did.  Danny and I moved into his trailer with him soon after we met.

JB:  You must have been very attracted to him.

WT:  I sure was!  I was attracted to his vision of the world which was that men are superior to women and that if a man is unsuccessful it is because of the woman he is in a monogamous relationship with.

JB:  Why would you be attracted to that vision?

WT:  Because it’s true.  I mean without men a woman can’t get pregnant.  And that’s why women are on Earth…to give birth.  I wish I could have had more children but am thankful I had my wonderful Danny.

JB:  How did Danny like Bo?

WT:  They got along great.  Bo taught Danny how to grow up and be a man.  So naturally Bo taught Danny how to get drunk, how to get his dick sucked, and how to take big dumps.

JB:  How has Danny adjusted into being an adult?

WT:  Pretty good.  For some reason he left the family a few years ago and changed his name to Jared Lee Loughner.  I read that he was recently involved in a shooting.  But I have respect for that because he did what he wanted to do, and that’s how Bo taught him how to live.

JB:  Are you still with Bo?

WT:  No.  He committed suicide two years ago.

JB:  That’s shocking.  Why did he do it?

WT:  He left a note saying it was because I didn’t properly season his steak the night before.  And he was right…I did forget to do that.

JB:  Are you currently working?

WT:  No.  When Bo died I buried him in the backyard and didn’t tell anyone about it so could continue to collect his disability payments.

JB:  In a way Bo’s death has worked out well for you.

WT:  That is so true.  Sometimes life throws you a curve ball but if you stay positive you can hit that curve out of the ballpark and have a great life.  I am living proof of that.


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